We represent Messer Austria Special Gases in Finland. We deliver special gases in cylinders to customer from our gas storage at Tuusula. If necessary we do the service for connecting the cylinders to customers gas supply systems. If you require further information pls contact our Special Gas sales team.

Pure gases (link to Messer web page)

Below you can find the most common pure gases which we deliver.

Argon Ammonia Acetylene Dinitrogen oxide Ethane
Ethene Oxygen Helium Carbon dioxide Carbon monoxide
isobutane Krypton Methane Neon Propane
Propylene Sulfur hexafluoride Nitrogeni Hydrogen  

Gas mixtures (link to Messer web page)

All the gas mixtures are produced by using the accurate and cost-efficient methods. The production is following ISO 6141 standard, which is tracing the mixture for filling informations cylinder numbers, production info, the weight of each component and the analytical information of chromatography and spectroscopy. The production is following ISO 9001 quality system.

The gas mixtures can be used in the following aplications:


  • Helium/Hydrogen-mixture(60/40)
  • Syntetic Air
  • Argon/Methane(90/10), (95/5)

Emission control

  • Immission measurements: pure gases and gas mixtures
    ppb mixtures; Nitrous Oxides (NOx), Sulphur components (SO2), Hydrocarbons(CnHm), BTX -components
  • Several components emission measurements: pure gases and gas mixtures for carbon components
    (CO, CO2), NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, meatals and VOC
  • Immission measurements: pure gases and gas mixtures
    Co, CO2, C3H8, NO

Electronic gases

The purity of gases is a vital in processes of electronic industry production. The gases have to fullfill extreme demanding tests and quality issues before they will be taken into use. Therefore it is obvious that pure and quality special gases has important role in R&D and production processes. We deliver special gases to customers from our Tuusula storage.

300bar gases

Argon is used among others as a shielding gas in ICP-plasma. Even the plasma technology has developed the plasma´s still need argon so much argon that normal 200bar cylinder delivery creates lot of work, because of cylinder changes. We have many satisfied customers who has changed from 200bar cylinder delivery either 300bar cylinder or bundle deliveries.
Because in 300bar cylinders has approx. 50% more argon than in 200bar it gives the following benefits to customers:

  • savings in transportation cost because of less deliveries
  • fewer cylinder changes in gas argon systems
  • less cylinder handling
  • safety issues because of less risk of accidents
  • the smaller rental cylinder account, which means less rental invoices
  • less risk to have impurities in system