Hypertherm plasmas for manual cutting

Hypertherm plasmas are built for professional use. They are designed for continuous cutting with many safety features for user haelth and safety. Machines are very reliable and they have a long warranty time if any problems may occure.

Hypertherm warranty

All Hypertherm Powermax plasma power sources have three years warranty. Plasma torches have one year warranty.

Hypertherm plasma comparison

Model Recommended capacity Maximum capacity Severance capacity Gouge
8mm 10mm 16mm -
Powermax30XP 10mm 12mm 16mm -
Powermax45 12mm 19mm 25mm 2.8 kg/h
Powermax65 19mm 25mm 32mm 4.8 kg/h
Powermax85 25mm 32mm 38mm 8.8 kg/h
Powermax105 32mm 38mm 50mm 9.8 kg/h
Powermax125 38mm 44mm 57mm 12.5 kg/h
Model Dross-free capacity Production piercing Severance
MAXPro200 20mm 32mm 75mm

Hypertherm plasma for mechanized cutting

Teknohaus is authorized Hypertherm distributor of plasma power sources for mechanized cutting. Hypertherm plasmas are tools for professionals. The power sources and torches are designed for continuous cutting with high duty cycle. We supply Hypertherm plasma systems for robot integration or any other customer solution. We can assist on istallation and of course take care of the operational support. Hypertherm plasmas are definate market leaders in Finland.

System comparison

Model Piercing in 
mechanized cutting
Maximum cutting 
capacity (edge start)
Powermax45 10mm 25mm
Powermax65 12mm 32mm
Powermax85 16mm 38mm
Powermax105 22mm 50mm
25mm 57mm
HSD130 16mm 38mm
32mm 75mm
Model Piercing capacity 
in production
Maximum piercing 
Cut capacity 
(edge start)
HPR130XD 16mm 32mm 38mm
HPR260XD 32mm 38mm 64mm
HPR400XD 38mm 50mm 80mm
HPR800XD 75mm 100mm 160mm

Please be in contact if you want to hear more about plasma cutting.